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Gangster Flavored Water

Billy Mays here, with “Gangster Flavored Water!” The cheapest way to experience being held at gun point, the way EVERYONE loves! No more licking gun barrels. No more collecting copious amounts of sweat. With Gangster Flavored Water, just open, drink, and shiver for your life. It uses amazing body hormone technology, so you never have to think as hard as the other way. In just 1 minute, you’ll have true gun point body odor. Missing those drug deals? SOLVED, with the power of Gangster Flavored Water. Here’s how to order!

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Obey the Fro

The Fro and it’s sister somehow kick out some awesome tracks supported by our viewers and the upload system. After magically hosting the second half of the show while sleeping, we get a record amount of callers, asking if someone truly is going to take over the world. Hold on to your seats.

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The night of not quite right

Mike AKA Fattass was blessing us in the studio this evening, as his massive fro puts on a show of Alternative Rock and smooth reckless jazz. Meanwhile the chat room seems to have lost it’s control, as the server gets confused on who’s stupider. Tons of people tuned in, as the show hit it’s highest viewer count! w00t

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Chat Room Chaos

The show was a little messy… and the chat room was an epic failure. The next show even better yet…. new intro and better sound quality… with some new segments that should TURN IT AROUND! Check out the site: http://xanacreations.com ATTENTION: Downloads for Season 1 are no-longer available. You can still search and find the […]

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