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Underground Bunny Terrorist

After moving the knowledge of their inevitable deaths in the year 2012 from cute bunny terrorism to the back of their minds, the hosts desperately try to run the show, and contain chat room drama. It’s a war zone, as the hosts pull the pins, over hand throw, and duck for cover from the explosions of internet meme inspired music as they ride the ups and downs of their combined music collections at the same time. Call it an episode.

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The MacGyver Wireless Card

The show started finally, and everyone was ready… except Craig. Using a large LCD TV as a computer monitor on the main studio table this evening, he finally got his system up, running, and hacked into our wireless network. Thanks to him, the other show guests, and the co-host, the music was amazing. P.S. WOW! This is the FIRST TIME that this description actually DESCRIBES the show!

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Gas Station Glove Goodness

With not just two, but 4 wackos in the studio tonight, the chaos just got to another hilarious level. Ryan and his solid state access abilities throw us some awesome heavy tracks, while the rest of it… just seems to stick with 80s music and sex. Broadcasting in more ways, and soon to come new angles, the show just keeps getting more awesome.

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Tech Talk… for a first…

BEST ONE YET! Stayed on topic the ENTIRE TIME… Everything went smoothly… That microphone problem was an error in one of the 3rd party DSP effects I was using for my Mic which I did not even want on so we are ok! Tune in on the next FNT SHOW LIVE! REMEMBER: Halloween Special COMING […]

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