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God Hates FNT

This world, and this country, are all at stake. God will unleash his wrath, on all podcasts and supporters of podcasts, non-commercial radio and all supporters, and all hosts of online internet radio shows. Can’t you people see? This internet has sinned. This country is doomed, all because of the sins at hand, from online radio stations, like The Friday Night Tech Show for instance. God hates you all. God hates RSS feeds. God hates good music.

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Tech Talk… for a first…

BEST ONE YET! Stayed on topic the ENTIRE TIME… Everything went smoothly… That microphone problem was an error in one of the 3rd party DSP effects I was using for my Mic which I did not even want on so we are ok! Tune in on the next FNT SHOW LIVE! REMEMBER: Halloween Special COMING […]

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The Music, the Skype, and the Harvey

Well it started out with some IRC glitches but it turned out to be the best show we had!! It was so fun, and we were extremely perverted at the end… yeah. The new Music request system worked FANTASTIC and the music uploads totaled over 1gb! This show is making it’s way to… well… whatever […]

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