Episodes with Mattox


Corn Granules

Josh is back, and so is Mattox, only permanently. Lots of classic rock, thrown in with some good new jems the hosts threw up into the new season. It sounded smooth, and that’s all that matters. :3

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George Lopez Sock Puppets

With Josh on booty call to the company’s art bitch, and Sean somehow in Japan, Mattox from FurCast was called in, once again, to tackle the depths of the music world. Fishing out every bit of good tunes we could find, and throwing in some relaxing jazz tracks, the night just became perfection.

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Rage Quit Compressors

Mattox from FurCast joins in on a little visit. Sean decides to take a break while Caleb and Josh kick good music butt. A decent little play out of music ranging from smooth dubstep, to thrashing electro house. Wait, since when does this episode description box actually tell relevant information?

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Questionmarking Jane Nash

After question-marking the keygen’s missing characters required to power the new season, a shit ton of crazy ass people dived into the studio for some audio ‘sploding. After ironing out all of our ODC inducing audio problems in post production, the team finally rests, looks everyone in the eye, and says “We’re back, bitches.”

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