Episodes with Menokh


Bit-Perfect Intensifies

Well, somehow we made it to episode 150! Its the perfect time to announce our new FLAC live stream and bit-perfect studio. Despite some technical glitches getting off the ground, this episode has so much packed in without missing a single emotion. A nice 4 hour extended show for the special plus the return of some classic guests. Fresh off the float to integer conversion algorithm and ready for decoding, this is a good episode from start to finish.

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Mormon Panties

Presenting an FNT episode so good you’ll need to get special garments that boost your sexual attractiveness while still protecting your genitalia from the devil! Or you could just take them off, I mean the air flow from the ported subwoofer feels good against the bare skin anyway.

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Modulated Yiff

In roleplay and furry art, yiff modulation (YM) conveys information over an orgasm wave by varying its instantaneous orientation. This contrasts with straight modulation, in which the orientation of the orgasm is varied while its attractiveness remains constant.

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