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We Did It For A Klondike Bar

Well, it looks like the show hosts were REALLY hungry, combined with the peer pressure of getting that Klondike bar, so they decided to pump out every piece of unique, electronic, kick ass music for the show this week. Another awesome show. Thanks guys!

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Drowning In Sample Rates

Caleb, Sean, Ryan, Alex, a stupid chat room, a free giveaway, an- wait, this sounds awfully familiar. It sounds like Episode 26 of FNT. Yeeeaahhh, I remember that! It was a great show. The description of that episode was really stupid though. I know that for sure. They really need to get a better writer for the archive. Dumb web admin…

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Gas Station Glove Goodness

With not just two, but 4 wackos in the studio tonight, the chaos just got to another hilarious level. Ryan and his solid state access abilities throw us some awesome heavy tracks, while the rest of it… just seems to stick with 80s music and sex. Broadcasting in more ways, and soon to come new angles, the show just keeps getting more awesome.

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