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Human Quantization

We found our headroom again this week, but lost our organization. These are the artifacts, of human quantization. A world completely perceived from the limitations of human sample accuracy and sample resolution. The perfect imperfect being.

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Thermite Is A Hell Of A Drug

Old fashioned chemistry, combined with old fashioned energy, with some old fashioned fun. The season finale of season 3 is finally here, and gone. Already eager to produce season 4, we can only listen to this episode as a memory of just how awesome FNT is. Not to mention how our little meme of an idea, turned into something this life changing, for all of us. We love you… you crazy fuckers. We’ll be back next year.

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Unexpected Cheese

Sean comes back from Japan, and Josh comes back from his booty call, for another linear streaming fully blasted night. Man these description boxes are getting so tiring to write. I need to hire some Chinese kid to do them.

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Syn Food

Hungry for some Syn packets? Our router wasn’t, but it was fed, big time. It also was fed with high quality streams of classic rock, sexy video feeds, crazy chat rooms, and the “Awesome Radio Show” protocol. As ARS took up more and more RAM, and the classic rock turned into smooth yet angry synths, the entire world stopped turning.

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