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You can support all XBN shows through the FurCast patreon page. It includes added perks such as recorded pre-shows and post-show downloads! More information available on our FurCast Patreon page.

FurCast Patreon

FurCast Patreon Shoutouts

Additionally, if you donated $5/month+ on patreon, you can fill out this form to receive a shoutout on FurCast. (Updated Monthly, if you notice your shoutout is missing please send us an email and let us know)

Donate directly to XBN

This show is for everyone and it will always be free. We can not thank you enough for your contributions.

Thanks for your support!

As you know, Friday Night Tracks and all related services are always provided to you free of charge, but let’s face it, producing this show is not free. The idea of us making money off producing this show is impossible. Why? Because every bit of money we can get our paws on goes right back into the show anyway! We may dedicate our money, time, and energy into doing this show, but it’s still not ours; it’s everyone’s.

Every single dollar that is donated to this show, you can be sure, will help us. The services we have to pay for we keep minimal, other than making sure we keep things legal. Almost any donation you make to us, will go towards upgrades. The biggest thing we spend our cash on is improving the show for the audience’s benefit. In a sense, you are paying for your entertainment, not our business!

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