Season 2 Episodes


The Peaceful Ginger

What an elongated, fun, successful, kick-ass, packed, enjoyable and loving end to Season 2. This greatest hits episode should satisfy the masses until Season 3 starts up again. Until then, more announcements will come about on this website. For now, we love you guys, and we’ll miss you during the off months. We’ll see you again in July. *hugs*

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Foam Sex

Jeremy, Sean and Caleb all run into the studio, with tons of classics tonight, as they fight the first real live technical difficulty the show has ever had. Cleaned, rested, re-organized and edited, this show episode is clean and ready, for next week’s season finale. Hopefully it’s episode description will be a bit more in-depth, and less out of ideas like I currently am writing this one. Can’t wait!

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Religious Pop-Tarts

Oh! I’m supposed to put a description here! Ahh, right. That makes more sense. For a second there, I thought that toolbar at the top of this window named “Search” was where I was supposed to put the description. Oh right, I should type one now. Damn I need a cup of coffee. NO… TEA! Anyway… Here we go! This week on FNT, Sean and Caleb ha— Where’s the sugar? Anyone know?

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The MacGyver Wireless Card

The show started finally, and everyone was ready… except Craig. Using a large LCD TV as a computer monitor on the main studio table this evening, he finally got his system up, running, and hacked into our wireless network. Thanks to him, the other show guests, and the co-host, the music was amazing. P.S. WOW! This is the FIRST TIME that this description actually DESCRIBES the show!

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We Did It For A Klondike Bar

Well, it looks like the show hosts were REALLY hungry, combined with the peer pressure of getting that Klondike bar, so they decided to pump out every piece of unique, electronic, kick ass music for the show this week. Another awesome show. Thanks guys!

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The Vista Virus

WARNING: There is a spreading virus, called “Vista.” It will try and disguise itself as an operating system by a company called Microsoft. Please, listen to this episode of FNT, and find out how to de-activate the virus, using the latest frequencies of Electro, Minimal Techno, Rock, and Psy Trance. We promise we can fully remove the virus for you, FREE!

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Video Killed The Radio Star

This time, we didn’t explode! Ustream did! As it all turns out, our viewers who we usually consider to have the “pleasure” of watching our video feed, were all 20 minutes behind real time. Using Sean’s kick ass classics, and some RAM cleaning Electro from Caleb, we blew everything over to our SHOUTcast MP3 feed, as our viewers tuned in for the rest of the undeniable greatness.

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Inside Out Two Miles Away

Rule 30: There are no females on the internet… no exceptions. So, I honestly can’t believe that we’ve made it to episode 30, and no-one’s died yet. Sean, Caleb, some good music, a stupid chat room, and you’ve got episode 30. Luckily the weather on the black-u weather forecast doesn’t look too bad. Ha I just made a family guy Ollie Williams joke!

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Tasty Wheat

A typical, normal, simple… KICK ASS MUSIC EXPLOSION. You just have to LOVE these episodes. After unplugging from the Matrix during the intro, we somehow throw in all of our music, for your complete rock-out styled entertainment. Then we pulled back together, for a special public service announcement from The American Association for Ginger Protection. Special thanks to those guys! A very nice association to work with. STAY SAFE EVERYONE!

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Soundcard RAM

A web-server blow out blowing up extravaganza sick day. Caleb has a bit of cognitive dissonance, as he is bombarded with an exploding web-server, but yet a friend and a very dedicated co-host, who comes to save the day even though he’s very sick. We must say this show still kicked ass. Thanks to RCP, who imploded our VPS for us. You can be sure that won’t happen again.

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