Season 3 Episodes


String Cheese Bomber

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Gangster Flavored Water

Billy Mays here, with “Gangster Flavored Water!” The cheapest way to experience being held at gun point, the way EVERYONE loves! No more licking gun barrels. No more collecting copious amounts of sweat. With Gangster Flavored Water, just open, drink, and shiver for your life. It uses amazing body hormone technology, so you never have to think as hard as the other way. In just 1 minute, you’ll have true gun point body odor. Missing those drug deals? SOLVED, with the power of Gangster Flavored Water. Here’s how to order!

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God Hates FNT

This world, and this country, are all at stake. God will unleash his wrath, on all podcasts and supporters of podcasts, non-commercial radio and all supporters, and all hosts of online internet radio shows. Can’t you people see? This internet has sinned. This country is doomed, all because of the sins at hand, from online radio stations, like The Friday Night Tech Show for instance. God hates you all. God hates RSS feeds. God hates good music.

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Underground Bunny Terrorist

After moving the knowledge of their inevitable deaths in the year 2012 from cute bunny terrorism to the back of their minds, the hosts desperately try to run the show, and contain chat room drama. It’s a war zone, as the hosts pull the pins, over hand throw, and duck for cover from the explosions of internet meme inspired music as they ride the ups and downs of their combined music collections at the same time. Call it an episode.

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Turtle Destruction Wave

Turtles. Seriously! Like, hundreds of them! The broadcast was perfect, and even rated as a star episode by the OCD production manager. After spraying some progressive electronic pesticide to rid the turtles, the show hosts relaxed, put on some ambiance, and drunk some tea. Win.

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Questionmarking Jane Nash

After question-marking the keygen’s missing characters required to power the new season, a shit ton of crazy ass people dived into the studio for some audio ‘sploding. After ironing out all of our ODC inducing audio problems in post production, the team finally rests, looks everyone in the eye, and says “We’re back, bitches.”

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