Season 6 Episodes


Crowdsourced Equalizer

Another solo show with some great jams! Good vibes, good processing, some new some old, another classic start to the weekend! Lots of playful breaks, psy, hip hop and electro. Oh right that’s normal on every episode. :9

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Acoustic Cheesecake

Finally not a solo show, but with the resources of a guest added the resources of music disappear. You can’t win right? With that in mind, a revisit to some classic EDM over the years with some show favorites in the mix. Not a bad gig; Then again the new compression on the mics might be. Nothing we’re afraid to try!

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The Glued

Another solo show that went well! … except for the whole main encoding computer overheating in the middle of the broadcast thing… Yay backups! Thanks to all my close friends who stick by me with love and support in doing these episodes; I’m pretty satisfied with how this turned out. The show title is inspired by some changes to the audio processing system thanks to another friend of mine. I love you guys. Enjoy me being lonely and playing awesome music!

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I was all alone in the studio! D: It was terrible! Actually no it went quite well, and thanks to all my friends who motivated me to produce alone rather than canceling. See you guys in four weeks, or if you’re going to AnthroCon, see you in person even sooner! :3

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Mormon Panties

Presenting an FNT episode so good you’ll need to get special garments that boost your sexual attractiveness while still protecting your genitalia from the devil! Or you could just take them off, I mean the air flow from the ported subwoofer feels good against the bare skin anyway.

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Neon Grey

A nice full episode with unique music and all new content built up from weeks of being off air. Oh, and a first time guest appearance from Keo. :3

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