Season 7 Episodes


Journey To The Middle

The episode before the break. It was necessary. Less new, more random drops of great tracks in a not so great order. The individual vibes were good, the flow was not. That said, our guests were fantastic and the future is bright!

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Brit Perfect

One of those “tonight will be a three hour show” that then turns into a four hour show, kinda shows. Seriously though this episode was a blast, especially with our token Doge guest Cueball. Enjoy this extended and fully packed episode!

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I Was The Universe

“I was no-longer frightened of the universe, I WAS the universe.” Another fantastic and slightly extended episode this evening. With the town and city surrounding the studio’s location on lock-down from bad weather, the only thing left to do is kick off an awesome flow of soulful tunage.

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Traditional Synthesizers

One of the best episodes in a while; packed with tons of goodies all over the spectrum. Thanks to all who joined live for the community experience, not to mention the bit-perfect FLAC stream. :3 Also thank you to several friends who provided me with some extra fantastic tracks to drop into the flow. It all worked wonderfully tonight. Enjoy! I know I did!

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Incidental Replica

Quite a different episode this week. First off this episode is only two hours and second off the music is quite a unique selection. While it’s not the best episode to start off on for anyone new, the usual fans might enjoy. Happy listening.

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